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Product introduction The first EF lens zoom range of 100-400mm, excellent color reproducibility, and camera shake correction have been realized. You can easily take a panning shot by setting “Mode 2” for image stabilization. Adopting fluorite and Super UD lens achieves clear depiction performance over the entire zoom range. The floating mechanism maintains high image quality from the shortest shooting distance of 1.8m to infinity. Full-time manual focus is also possible. From Discovery Japan ■
Fluorite Lens Thoroughly removes residual chromatic aberration that disturbs the sharpness of captured images. It achieves almost complete removal of chromatic aberration, with extremely low refractive index, low dispersion, and good transparency in the infrared and ultraviolet regions. ■
Super UD lens Ideal chromatic aberration correction with more lenses. The UD (Ultra Low Dispersion) lens was developed based on this theme. It is an optical material with low refraction and low dispersion, which is highly effective in removing secondary spectra. It has anomalous dispersion characteristics like fluorite, and the performance of two sheets is almost equal to that of one fluorite. ■
IMAGE STABILIZER IS (Image Stabilizer), the first image stabilization camera for SLRs installed by Canon. This is especially useful in situations where camera shake is likely to occur, such as hand-held shooting with a telephoto lens. ■
Ring USM USM (Ultrasonic Motor) = Ultrasonic motor with high torque / high response for quick focusing. It has ideal characteristics as a lens drive motor, such as almost no operating noise. ■
Rear focus A technology that reduces the total weight of moving lenses by using part of the lens configuration as a focus lens. Realizes high-speed, precise AF control, excellent holding balance, and compactness. ■
Full-time manual focus After auto-focusing, this function enables manual focus immediately by rotating the focus ring after one-shot AF so that the photographer can finally adjust the focus. View all product descriptions

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★★★★★ Sharp but heavy!
Post date : 16/12/2018
This lens is great! It's my first L lens, after upgrading from the 75-300 F/4-5.5 IS USM lens. I must say the only drawback is that it's so heavy --- 3.1 lbs. BUT, because of the IS I'm able to take handheld pictures. The only way I could get sharp images tho, is by using a monopod/tripod. Of course that could just be me too. Highly recommended. But if I were doing it all over again, I'd test the lens first at a local camera shop (rent one for a day or so) so I could get the hang of it before I went out shooting w/ mine. I rate it 9/10!

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Post date : 18/08/2018
This is a good lens, not a great one. The problem is that it is very slow to focus. I almost always go back to my Canon 70-300 lens because it's extremely fast and really great!

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