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Color: Matte Gun Metal
Weight (g): 100
Specifications: V Spool / Choi winding / Continuous winding / Automatic winding / 5-step irregular winding speed adjustment / selectable ship stop / depth counter / memory backup / shelf stop / alarm / Add-on winding / master invitation / line stopper / clutch lever / 5mm tip support / butt hand rope mounting hole / power auto off

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★★★★★ very good
Post date : 13/11/2018
Google Translation Translated by Google
very good
It was great to buy it. The people who went with me were the latest models from other companies, but this was definitely cool. The master invitation mode is very useful when taking a break, eating, or getting tired. The problem is that it is difficult to understand the operation of settings and the usage of beads.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
最高、買って良かったです。 一緒に行った人は他社の最新型でしたが間違いなくこっちがかっこよかったです。 名人誘いモードは休憩時や食事中、飽きて来た時などに使うと非常に便利です。 問題は設定等の操作が分かりづらいのと、ビーズの使用方法がイマイチなとこです。

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★★★★☆ Invite a master, best! But you know…
Post date : 22/10/2018
Google Translation Translated by Google
Invite a master, best! But you know…
We were worried about invitation of master, and purchased carefully. As expected, “Invitation to Master” is the best. It picks up fish near the bottom without permission, so you can concentrate on the invitation on the other side, and as a result the fishing results have also increased. However, Shimano's Lake Master CT-T that I have used so far has a better hand feeling, and the winding stop switch is close to the spool, touching the back handling line backlash line, the shelf counter is reset It requires a long press of 1 second or more for continuous winding, but it requires a longer press than expected, and it is difficult to perform actions to activate the master invitation (AB button simultaneous pressing). There is a part to be discouraged to switch to reel. So for now, the strongest combination is Christia CR-PT II + on the left hand side and the Shimano Lakemaster CT-T on the right hand side.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
名人誘い、最高! でもね…
名人誘いが気になり、思い切って購入しました。期待どおり「名人誘い」は最高。勝手に底付近の魚を拾ってくれますので、もう片方での誘いに集中でき、結果として釣果も伸びました。しかし、それまで使ってきたシマノのレイクマスターCT-Tの方が手感が良いこと、また、巻き上げ停止スイッチがスプールと近く、バックラッシュしたラインを処理しているウチに触れて棚カウンターがリセットされてしまうこと、連続巻き上げには1秒以上の長押しが必要だが想像以上に長押しが必要なこと、名人誘いを動作させるためのアクション(ABボタン同時押し)がやりにくいことなど、完全にメインリールへと切り替えるには思いとどまる部分もあります。 したがって今の所、左手側はクリスティアCR-PTⅡ+、右手側はシマノレイクマスターCT-Tが私の最強の組み合わせです。

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★★★★☆ High power
Post date : 20/08/2018
Google Translation Translated by Google
High power
Replacement by purchase from CRII. Obviously high power. Even if you choose the same speed, the winding is obviously fast. Battery consumption feels no different. It's hard to understand the invitation to sell masters. Will it become obvious if I use it? It seems to be effective if there are some swarms. If the flock is thin, you can just roll it up. (Of course?)

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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★★★★★ CPII is a model that adds functions such as “Invite Master” to CPII.
Post date : 31/07/2018
Google Translation Translated by Google
CPII is a model that adds functions such as “Invite Master” to CPII.
It is an impression when actually using "invitation of master". (Gunma Prefecture: at Umeda Lake) When there was “Atari” during the “Invite Master” function, it took time to learn the sense of atari, depending on the type of spear used. You can see big attacks, but it ’s easier to stop small attacks. (Because the preeminence of the carp in function is large. (Even at speed L)) However, when the place was awkward, I could catch it properly if I used P1, P2, and P3 alternately. My image, but P1 is when the shelf is understood to some extent. When P3 is not clear shelves P2 was like a midway between P1 and P3. Although it is the ratio when catching only with the “inviting master” function, it was P1: P2: P3 = 50: 20: 30. I felt that P2 was not very responsive. (It is a personal impression to the last.) Thank you for inviting me to change the second bait and during meals. I thought it was an interesting feature.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
実際に「名人誘い」を使用したときの感想です。(群馬県:梅田湖にて) 「名人誘い」機能中に「アタリ」があったとき、 使用する竿にもよりますが、アタリ感覚を覚えるまで、時間がかかりました。 大きなアタリはわかりますが、小さなアタリは、機能を停止したほうがわかりやすいです。 (機能中の竿のフリが大きいので。(スピードLでも)) ただ、場が渋った場合、P1、P2、P3を交互に使用すると、そこそこ、釣れました。 自分のイメージですが、 P1は、棚がある程度把握できているとき。 P3は、棚が明確でない場合 P2は、P1とP3の中間 のような感覚でした。 「名人誘い」機能のみで、釣れた時の割合ですが、 P1:P2:P3=50:20:30 でした。 P2は、あまり反応が薄く感じました。(あくまで個人的感想です。) 2竿目の餌の付け替え時や、食事中に、かってに誘ってくれるのは、ありがたいです。 なかなか、面白い機能だと思いました。

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