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Hatsune Miku Doll Crystal Figure All 1 Type Dorkri Bokaro Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone
Size: Overall Height Approximately 459.3? Foot doll of your face like a cute doll Cystal figure of Hatsune Miku appeared.

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★★★★★ cute. Too cute.
Post date : 5/06/2019
Google Translation Translated by Google
cute. Too cute.
I found it at the game center and spent about 2000 yen, but I couldn't get it and gave up reluctantly. A few days later, when I looked at Amazon, it was sold at a ridiculously cheap price ... (^ ω ^)! ! We purchased immediately. When it arrived, it was not dirty and the color of the hair was very beautiful and better than expected. Although it is small, it is solid and comfortable to touch. I think that it is heavy. I'm very happy to get girly and cute Miku at a cheap price. Really cute.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
ゲームセンターで見つけて2000円くらい使ったのですが取れず、しぶしぶ諦めました。 数日後Amazonを見てみるととんでもなくお安い価格で売られていまして・・・( ^ω^)!! 即購入しました。届いてみると、汚れているわけではなく、髪の毛の色もとても綺麗で予想以上でした。 小さめですがしっかりしていて触り心地もいいです。重めだと思います。 ガーリーで可愛いミクを安い価格で手に入れられて非常に満足しています。本当に可愛い。

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★★★★★ A great one came out.某 ○ osket Not only fans but also items that need attention
Post date : 19/09/2018
Google Translation Translated by Google
A great one came out.某 ○ osket Not only fans but also items that need attention
The first impression is “Big Size, ○ and ○ Ido”. Even with this quality, the reason why the prizes are lined up as a prize is because unlike ○ and ○, it cannot move and cannot be replaced. But this is a trap. (Compared with 某 o osket series) Although the eyes are affirmed, there seems to be almost no accidents or individual differences such as “direction deviation of the line of sight”, and the material feeling of the plastic remains somewhat The mouth shape carved into the face that feels warm enough and deeply depicted can not be seen in 某 osket. If you make it into a series, you will have a great variety of facial shape and description variations. In addition to the full-fledged Kaiser, the painting can also be thought of as having an impression that “it is better to focus on precisely positioned prints and spraying rather than using half-finished hand painting”. (* This is a personal impression only.) The use of transparent materials is also quite good. (Snake foot) The balance at the top and bottom of the box is almost uniform because it is fixed with blister in the package, but the weight is biased to the front of the box (whole body image side), so be careful in the game.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
スゴイの出ました。某○osket ファンのみならず要注目の品
第一印象は『ビッグサイズの、○んど○いど』。 このクオリティでもゲーセンのプライズとして並ぶのは、やはり、○んど○いどとは異なり、可動しないし、換装も出来ない故か…。しかし、これは僥倖です。 (某○osketシリーズとの比較で、)目はアイプリなものの、その分、『目線の方向ズレ』といった事故や個体差の発生はほぼ皆無と思われ、更に、プラスチックの素材感はやや残るものの、十分に暖かみを感じる顔面に彫り深くクッキリと描写される口の造形は、某○osketでは見られない出来。 仮にシリーズ化すれば、顔の造形・描写のバリエーションは相当に豊富なことでしょう。 全身にあふれるカワイサはもとより、塗装についても『中途半端な手塗りを多用するよりは、正確に位置決めされたプリントや吹きつけを主にする方が優れて見える』といった感想を抱くほどの出来です。(*あくまでも個人的な感想です) 透明素材の使い方も、かなりイイ感じです。 (蛇足) 梱包内にブリスターで固定されているため、箱の上下でのバランスはほぼ均一ですが、箱の前面(全身画像側)に重量が偏っていますので、ゲームではご注意を。

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