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Target: Men's | | Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card attached to the instruction manual
Enhanced water resistance for everyday life: 20 BAR
Shock resistant structure against shock and vibration
Notification by sound and light, Alarm sound flash function (alarm / hourly notification / timer interlocking flash)
The 2018? Year of the horse, you can pick up a 35? Anniversary, Product description From the various culture and fusion G-Shock to design evolved in pursuit of the world New model with a metallic mirror face with mirror dial face having arrived. and for the first time round face is adopted to DW ??? 5700? is the base model of the masterpiece design. Letter Plate in the space to all, reintroducing the theme featuring a basic line. Touch of Sparkle to any outfit. The Gold on the model DW ??? 5600bbmb / DW ??? 5700bbmb is also, the lock, push button, side. The color of the bezel, the band with matte finish, and the flattering design, each flattering design and the full range of motion. Face design, the new charm of the basic lines of the new model appeared. Useful in drawers, mode to kazyuarufasshonsi-n. No3229 / module
Impact Resistant Construction * Water resistant to 20? ATM
Stopwatch 1/100? Second with 00? '00? 0059 '59? 991? Seconds 1: 00? '00? 23: 59'
59? 24? Hours meter, Split
Timer Set unit: Set of 1? seconds, up to 24? hours, in 1? seconds measuring, o-tori Pete
marutiara-mu · hourly time signal
Full auto-calendar
12/24? hour system conversion
With EL back light function Afterglow
Interlocking information sound flash function timer alarm Hourly time signal light / 2? Years battery life / Accuracy: ± 15? Seconds / shock resist / EL blue green / around the arm band wearable size: 145205? Mm / Max. Approximately / 20.5 ? cm Brand Introduction G-SHOCK (G-SHOCK) has built a new concept of toughness on watches. It all began with the developer's conviction that they would make a watch that would not break even if dropped, a reckless challenge that would overturn the common sense of those days. More than 200 trial productions are repeated, and about two years are spent, and the shock resistant structure is completed. It is the birth of technology that plays a central role in tough. Since then, G-SHOCK has continued to evolve endlessly. Structure, material, function. Pursue more tough from every side.

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★★★★★ Novel mirror face
Post date : 21/01/2019
Google Translation Translated by Google
Novel mirror face
The face of the gold mirror is fresh with an impression different from the old gold-colored watch. If it doesn't shine due to the light, it looks almost black, so I felt gold was more impressive than silver. [Addition after use] Fingerprints and dirt are easily noticeable on the gold mirror surface. In particular, dirt is likely to accumulate at the boundary between the bezel and the mirror surface, and it is necessary to care for it frequently. The operation buttons and the belt's fastening pin are gold, and the color theme is produced in total (be careful not to lose the fastening pin). I wanted the metal cover on the back to be cold.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
ゴールドミラーのフェイスは、 今までの年配っぽいゴールドカラーの時計とは、まるで異なった印象で新鮮です。 光線の具合で光らないとほぼ黒にみえますので、 シルバーよりもゴールドのほうが印象深く感じました。 [使用後の追記] 金の鏡面は指紋や汚れが目立ちやすいです。 特にベゼルと鏡面の境に汚れが溜まりやすく、 こまめに手入れする必要があります。 操作ボタンとベルトの留めピンまで金色にしてあって、 カラーテーマをトータルに演出しています(留めピンは無くさないように注意) 欲を言えば、背面の金属カバーまでコールドにしてほしかったです。

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